No Country For Old Dinosaurs 1

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No, it’s not a diorama, it’s real life. Well, as much as Photoshop and my imagination will let me. The location is Dinosaur National Monument not far from Vernal, Utah and that’s a stegosaurus checking out the Green River and the Yampa Plateau. To the dinosaur this is now a very foreign landscape – once this was a much broader and swampy landscape.


In 1909 Earl Douglass from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History began excavation here at this site. Long before this building was erected, he and fellow paleontologist removed thousands upon thousands of bones and a few complete skeletons of a wide variety of prehistoric creatures including insects.


Sill in place are many more thousands of bones and fragments. In 1915 Dinosaur National Monument was created then expanded later to cover over 300 square miles. 


This young lady helps you to understand the scale and size of some of what used to roam the area.


Even the landscape, bony and misshapen, is suggestive that prehistoric creatures are still among us.

BTW, if you have been to the Monument then maybe you know what I started with to create the first image. This is at the entrance to the visitor center. 


  1. Carol
    June 13, 2018

    Thanks for the mini tour! Sorry that we missed that on our trips out West. It is so hard to see it all….

  2. John Robertson
    June 13, 2018

    Bill, I was there over 50 years ago with my parents. Looks like it has evolved quite well.


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